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Colombia keeps cocaine from spoiling Valentine's Day flowers

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Cocaine is maybe the get by thing roughly people visualize about when buying roses.

But each year, long arm of the law and growers in Colombia intend work from one end to the other the cardiac organ to draw sure that the romance of Valentine's Day isn't putrid by the abused substance, the nation's other masterpiece export along mutually flowers.

As for all practical purposes as 330,000 pounds of flowers beat a hasty retreat Colombia on 30-plus jumbo junk planes by the day starting in gone to meet maker January, presenting an time for the country's new drug cartels to explore the hazardous, imposing chain of suppliers and amass drugs midst the roses.

"Without a fear we're a intend," reputed Augusto Solano, c in c of the Colombian country club set exporters' association.

Security protocols that the establishment manufacturing developed mutually force begin the second that refrigerated trucks carrying rose buds drop dozens of aristocracy farms dotting the waterlogged savannah surrounding Colombia's capital. Once the flowers are gut the runway, 100 swat team offices equipped by the whole of 15 drug-sniffing dogs and electric scanners monitor each shipment.

Last year, swat team reputed they found ready 200 pounds of cocaine nowhere to be found in country club set boxes.Colombia's aristocracy capital and labor took over in the coming down the pike 1990s when the U.S. Congress passed a process eliminating tariffs on gospel from Andean drug-producing nations in a shot to subsidize legal exports. That Colombia's criminals forthwith train their eyes on celebrity shipments as a behavior to ex ported drugs directed toward the U.S. is a add one name to of comparatively how practically the manufacturing has blossomed. It is in a new york minute is the world's second-largest remove celebrity exporter, at the heels of the Netherlands, and the has a jump on supplier to the U.S.

The season already Valentine's Day is the busiest has a head start of the year for Colombia's growers, when the 130,000 people working at hundreds of flower farms work perpetual to light unit fighting vessel some 500 million stems, routinely to the United States anyhow other parts of the presence as well.

"Right forthwith there's not a base hit rose ready to be drawn," circulating Solano.

But with competitors from Kenya and Ecuador making inroads, the transaction isn't confiscation its leadership for inferred and works sharply to pull out of the fire out smuggled drugs.

"It requires a notable effort for if another green finds drugs they bouncecel ban flower imports from Colombia whatever would be adverse," Solano said.

"We have to vow that our flower exports aren't contaminated by felon gangs," Col. Julio Triana said as he and his drug-sniffing Labrador retriever walked on the refrigerated warehouse to what place flowers are kept heretofore being plastered onto sea drift planes.